Our Services




If you have a shop and want to carry Káte products,

please contact us and we’ll get back to you with our catalogue and info.


The workshops and training are solely for one person. Please contact us for details.

Time per workshop: 2 hours

Price per workshop: 40 euros

All materials are included in these prices (papers, ebru tools, imported colors etc) and the students will keep their own unique artworks that were created during each workshop.

Weekly ongoing seminars are given as an alternative:

– 4 ongoing seminars, 8 hours total.

Cost: 35 euros for each 2 hours seminar (total cost: 140 euros).

– 8 ongoing seminars, 16 hours total.

Cost: 30 euros for each 2 hours seminar (total cost: 240 euros).

Custom Production

Káte’s collections can be customized. You can choose designs and colors and we can create an exclusive item for you or your loved ones. The estimated production time will depend on the product. We will keep you informed by email about the completion of your order.
Write to us, we would love to hear your ideas!
Special orders and custom-made combinations are not returnable, exchangeable or refundable.