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Cost: 60 euros
During this workshop you will be given a thorough introduction to the beautiful art of paper marbling, including a brief history, the technical ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s, and a lot of trying it out.

PAPER EBRU MARBLING- 4 ongoing seminars, 8 hours total
Cost: 55 euros for each 2 hours seminar (total cost: 220 euros)
During this workshop you will learn how to make the marbling bath, to set up your marbling space, techniques for controlling the behavior of the paints and how to create the basic patterns on paper.

PAPER EBRU MARBLING- 8 ongoing seminars, 16 hours total
Cost: 50 euros for each 2 hours seminar (total cost: 400 euros)
During this workshop you will learn all the above and also more advanced marbling techniques, new skills and compound patterns.

EBRU MARBLING ON PAPER/WOOD/CERAMIC/PLASTER – 6 ongoing seminars, 12 hours total
Cost: 60 euros for each 2 hours seminar (total cost: 360 euros)
During this workshop you will learn the basic marbling process on paper and then how you can apply ebru art on others materials as ceramic, plaster, wood.

MOM & KID EBRU MARBLING LESSON – 1 seminar, 1 ½ hour
Cost: 60 euros
– During this workshop you will share time with your kid creating beautiful artworks full of memories.

EBRU MARBLING FOR KIDS- 1 seminar, 1 hour
Cost: 20 euros
– This interactive 1 hour workshop will allow your child to explore and create different types of marble patterns with
easy and creative techniques.

SUMINAGASHI MASTERCLASS- 1 seminar, 2 ½ hours
Cost: 75 euros

During this workshop you will learn the History of Suminagashi, how to create and pull the designs on paper and you will leave with enough knowledge and skills to continue exploring on your own.


All materials are included in these prices (papers, ebru tools, paints, marbling bath, objects for decoration, etc) and the students will keep their own unique artworks that were created during each workshop.
Please bring a notebook with you.
Each workshop is taught in Greek/English or Spanish depending on the students.
The workshops and training are solely for one person.


Art Therapy Session

Cost: 50 euros
Ebru is about flow, movement and change.
While making Ebru, the body concentrates on water and movement of colors, it releases the stress and changes the sense of time, improves concentration and focus on present moment.
With the help of marbling art, we will explore together feelings and thoughts with different patterns and colors and you will discover your creative side in a cozy, relaxing atmosphere.

Custom Production

Káte’s collections can be customized. You can choose designs and colors and we can create an exclusive item for you or your loved ones. The estimated production time will depend on the product. We will keep you informed by email about the completion of your order.
Write to us, we would love to hear your ideas!
Special orders and custom-made combinations are not returnable, exchangeable or refundable.