Our Story

In awe I observe a drop of color touching the water’s surface.

Colors, movement and every type of material that captures magic and flow inside have all made me realize how essential it is to use my body and hands since I was a little girl. This has always been my way of expression.

I draw my biggest inspiration from travelling to different parts of the world. It’s as if every time I discover a part of myself that I didn’t know. It’s as if new realities are always waiting to unfold.

On one of my trips I found myself in Istanbul. That’s where I discovered the art of Ebru. And so the journey in light started.

I create shapes on a fluid canvas and feel that my wandering in the world was meant to bring me in front of this magic water and its endless capabilities. The arts of water, Ebru or Marbling (as it is known in the western world) and Suminagashi, have a mystic power that unites colors, shapes and movement; all the things that I love. That’s how the brand Káte was born.

Katerina Momitsa

Owner & Designer

The Greek designer and creator Katerina Momitsa lives and works in Athens. 

She studied International & European Economics at Athens University of Economics and Business and Spanish Literature at Don Quijote Academy in Salamanca. 

Katerina worked in Non Governmental Organizations for more than 8 years and after many years of artistic exploration she decided to follow her passion and express herself through her creations. In 2015, she started learning the art of Ebru in Istanbul, next to the great master and artist, Kubilay Eralp Dincer. This ancient art is transferred from one generation to the next and is based on the student-teacher relationship, that’s why it is very important to find an Ebru master to learn its secrets.

Since then, she has attended seminars with some of the biggest Ebru masters of the world, and has taken part in international conventions and exhibitions for the art of Ebru in Prague, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

In 2017 she created the first Ebru Studio in Athens and specialized in textile design. She started creating collections from silk scarves and accessories, entirely hand-crafted, printing her designs straight from water, and using the techniques of Ebru and Suminagashi.

Wanting to share this journey and always believing that art is therapeutic, she has completed Aegean University’s Art Therapy course.

Katerina teaches Ebru in her Studio and in different art and social services spaces, while she herself always continues to learn and evolve this unique form of art.